Theresa Disney is a lifetime creator and a lifelong artist who works from her home studio in St. Louis’ Clifton Heights neighborhood; the city of St. Louis has been the habitat of her imagination since she began creating art professionally here in 1988.

Categorized as a folk artist, but never one to be satisfied with labels or confines, Disney describes herself as a visual storyteller. Her subject matter plays with character and the evocation of narrative; the textures and suggestiveness of the objects used in her creations inform their meaning. Well-known for her vivid colors and irreverent take on a wide variety of topics—from saints to sinners, from friendship to love, Disney is inspired by objects, experiences, sentiments, architecture, and oblique story-telling.

Those familiar with her work see her fresh sense of humor coupled with her sometimes irreverent take on a variety of conventions in her art. She works across media forms and temporality, time, and the denial or reversal of time are themes that are omnipresent. From complex installation pieces to painted furniture, paintings, and 3D sculptures, Disney’s body of work is unparalleled, yet unpretentious. Her art is thought-provoking, warm, inviting, heartfelt, and accessible.

Disney finds beauty in the balance that defines being human and that, in the end, is what attracts her fans. The Funhouse Gallery, the only gallery devoted to the exclusive showing of Theresa Disney work, was the brainchild of two devoted fans who were committed to showcasing the range and depth of Disney’s work. Prior to The Gallery’s opening on November 8, 2014, Disney’s work could only be purchased at specific exhibits and at four annual fairs throughout the country.

The mother of two grown sons, Disney has been featured in St. Louis Magazine, Country Home Magazine and in the Rare Visions Road Trip book. Her art is shown at numerous galleries throughout the south and at The Funhouse Gallery in St. Louis. She was selected as an American Original by More Magazine and is revered in visual and folk art circles nationwide. Fans pay hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars for her work.